Social Bookmarkers – which one do you use?

With the use of FireFox Portable comes the issue of syncing bookmarks. While there probably are apps and FireFox extensions that can sync your bookmarks, all of these (plus the bookmarks) take up more and more space on the flash drive. So I’ve decided to give “social bookmarking” a go.
The thing is, all [...]

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ThunderBird: email accounts across Windows accounts

This may not apply to a lot of people out there, but, in case you’re interested, I’ve figured out how to make your Thunderbird-accessed email accounts available to all Windows XP user accounts. Unfortunately, Google was not much help in my endeavors.
Here’s the background: our family computer has almost a one-to-one ratio of user [...]

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Slimming down Portable

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that deleting any file from the Portable installation is not recommended by the website, as evidenced by their OOoP FAQ and support forum. By following the steps outlined in this article, in part or in whole, you agree that I am in no way responsible for messing [...]

Your Life on a Stick

College courses that involve essays, reports, presentations, and other communications-related assignments — most of them, that is — make flash drives essential, especially if you don’t own your own computer/laptop. And even if you do have your own little workstation, a portable flash drive is very handy for accessing the campus printers.
But those little [...]


Even geeks don’t know everything about technology.
I learn new things about the tech world at least weekly, if not daily. Web usability, the latest server-side techniques, iPod junk, all sorts of stuff.
So stay tuned

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