The JS behind "Most Popular Posts"

Original article: Most Popular Posts list for blogger
In my last article “Most Popular Posts list for blogger,” I presented my version of Chris Riley’s Analytics API workaround. I also promised to go through the JavaScript for those who were interested
The JS
Without further ado, the code:

<div id="popularposts"><noscript>Please enable javascript to view the most [...]

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Most Popular Posts list for blogger

Last week I was looking for a way to have a “Most Popular Posts” widget here on blogger. The first and only true “widget” I found was Affiliate Brand’s Most Popular Posts Widget. The only problems: it has a default color scheme that doesn’t really go with that of my blog, and the [...]

Cleaning a FireFox profile

I’m an avid user of FireFox. I’ve set my installation up to sync across dual-boot, mainly as part of the Widows-to-Ubuntu crossover process. I can’t pinpoint the exact date I started using FireFox, but it’s been years…and in those years, I’ve certainly gathered a fair bit of junk.
Most of that junk is leftover [...]

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Time for a redesign!

I chose the dark design for this blog from the default blogger themes…a looong time ago (or so it seems)! Since then, I’ve taken a usability course in school, read many things on the web concerning usability, and been active at Deviant Art.
I believe it is time for a fresh look
The testing [...]

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KDE4 – First Impressions of Plasma

The KDE world got noisy last week when KDE4 was released. KDE4 RC2 is easily available to K/Ubuntu Gusty users; simply add the required line to your /etc/apt/sources.list , install the kde4-core package, logout, select KDE4 as your session manager, and log back in to a shiny new desktop. The best part: the [...]

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