Anything to make a buck…

I was perusing eBay today, looking at Photoshop CS3 prices, amongst other things. As I was looking down the list, I came across an auction for a copy of the GIMP Only $5 Buy It Now, $4.50 starting bid! Too bad anyone willing to buy it will download it for free. [...]

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Faviconize your blog

Favicons. Those little icons that appear on FireFox’s tabs, IE’s favorites bar, and various other places in web-related applications. Simple little icons, no larger than 32 pixels square, yet they are a part of your site’s identity.
Why have a favicon? puts it well:
A favicon can help people identify your site quickly [...]

Web 3.0: Are We There Yet?

Quick disclaimer: this article is simply something that I wrote up on a whim, meant to provoke thought. By no means do I claim to be an expert on the history of the web, the intricacies of “Web 2.0″ et al, or anything else. This is, simply put, a brainstorm.
Since its inception, the [...]

Search Apt package descriptions

On Ubuntu (or Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc), the command line package manager is Apt. Many people use the apt-get command to install and uninstall packages. I prefer to use the Aptitude command line program, which is a more robust front-end to apt; it allows you to search packages for keywords, and it gives a [...]

Browsershots: Mass Website Testing

In the world of Web 2.0, cross-browser compatibility is a necessary evil. With different browsers, different versions of different browsers, and different operating systems with different versions of different browsers, you can rarely predict how your visitor might be viewing your site (unless, of course, you’re developing for a tightly controlled intranet, where everyone [...]