Stop the OpenDNS Address Bar Hijack

I started using OpenDNS a few weeks ago. One thing I immediately noticed was that OpenDNS was hijacking my address-bar-initiated google searches. You know that feature in FireFox that, if the words entered in the address bar don’t match a website, it takes you to the google search for those keywords? Seems [...]

Auto-Update Sun Map Wallpaper in KDE4

Yesterday, LifeHacker posted an article on setting up an auto-rotate wallpaper in Gnome. Now, KDE4 comes with this functionality out of the box – just point the desktop configuration to an image folder, and it will rotate the images in user-specified intervals (with a minimum of one hour). However, one comment by joelena [...]

Hosting a Website: The Email

Hosting a website on your own server gives you ultimate control over all the details of how that site works. Running your domain’s mail on your own server gives you the same amount of control. Unfortunately, setting up postfix (Ubuntu server edition’s default mail server) is not nearly as simple as setting up [...]

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Hosting a Website: The Server

A server, in the basic sense, is a computer which runs a program (also called a server or server application) that provides a service to other computers. This could include an HTTP (or web) server, a DNS name server, a mail server, a VNC server, an SSH server, an FTP server — and many, [...]

Hosting a Website: The Domain and DNS

The cost of a domain name these days is about $10 per year, depending on which registrar you work with. I’m currently using, where I can get .com, .net, and .org domains for $10/year (less, if I find a valid coupon code online ). I’ve heard that there are better [...]