Torrent Management System with rTorrent and Bash

I do a fair amount of torrenting, mostly for TV shows. A college student’s schedule doesn’t always allow for sitting in front of the TV on a certain night during a certain timeslot . Nor does it allow for micromanaging my torrents — making sure I have enough, but not too [...]

Down and Dirty Un-spam WordPress Comments

One thing I’ve learned in running my own blog is that spam-bots really, really like open forms. I’m sure experienced bloggers will smile (and say “that’s all?”) when I say that I get probably no less than 5 spam comments per day. With WordPress, it’s simple to be rid of spam — just [...]

Google Chrome Not Yet For Linux

Google recently announced and released their browser, Google Chrome. And, as should be expected, everyone is talking about it (QuirksMode, Dave Woods, and LifeHacker, amongst others). Unfortunately, it’s not yet available for linux. There’s promise that the developers are working on a linux port, and there’s a nice little textbox you can [...]

Message to the Readers: School’s Started

As of approximately two weeks ago, the Fall ‘08 school semester has officially started. This semester, I’m taking 18 credit hours over 6 classes. To give you an idea of how busy that is, this school considers 12 credit hours to be “full time”, and I normally take around 15 credit hours. [...]

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