Auto-Update Sun Map Wallpaper in KDE4

Yesterday, LifeHacker posted an article on setting up an auto-rotate wallpaper in Gnome. Now, KDE4 comes with this functionality out of the box – just point the desktop configuration to an image folder, and it will rotate the images in user-specified intervals (with a minimum of one hour). However, one comment by joelena [...]

Must-Have Plasmoid: QuickLauncher

KDE4 is great. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of widgets, ever since I discovered Konfabulator back on Windows. However, in the journey from KDE3.x (with panels) to KDE4 (with optional panels and plasmoids), one key component was lost: the quicklaunch menu.
For most plasmoids, you either get it with the default plasma [...]

Maintain Your Linux Desktop Through a Fresh Install

This article assumes, for the most part, a reasonable familiarity with sudo, cp, mv, and other simple command line commands. It also assumes that you backup your important data, as any experienced computer user will tell you to. In addition to your important data, you should backup the new versions of the discussed [...]

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Compiz: The Ultimate in Useless Eyecandy?

That’s right, it’s time for a technologically controversial post.
Compiz is the ultimate in eyecandy. Seriously. With wobbly windows; various window-switching mechanisms such as shift-switcher, ring-swither, and regular tab-switcher; a multi-desktop cube; Mac Expose-style effects; some wicked screensavers; and a whole array of window opening, closing, minimizing, focus/unfocus, etc animations, it [...]

Put intrusive KDE4 apps in their place

If you’ve installed KDE4 — the whole shebang in one fell swoop with “sudo aptitude install kde4″ (on Ubuntu) — you’ll have noticed that the environment insists that you use the new-and-improved “KDE4-ready” apps. These apps have package names like “kopete-kde4″ and “ark-kde4″. However, newer is not always better. Maybe the new [...]

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